Tests and Assessments of the IELTS Life Skills Test

IELTS Life Skills test are the tests which are designed to reflect everyday experience in communicating in English-speaking countries. For instance, if you are one of the takers of the IELTS test such as the B1 test bay booking it through http://britishlifeskills.com, you will be required to have adequate skills to communicate in English in daily basis if you want to be able to pass the test.

Thus, if you want to pas the B1 test, you should work on increasing your English skills not only to interact with other people using English but also discuss about living in the English speaking country, which is the United Kingdom in particular. When taking the test, you are expected to engage in discussions about everyday topics, among others:

– Details about your own self or experience
– Family and friends
– Purchase of goods
– Work
– Health
– Activities in leisure
– Education or training
– Transportation or residence
– Weather