How To Use An Electrical Toothbrush

You need to brush your teeth regularly to keep your teeth white and keep your mouth fresh. You’ve often used a manual toothbrush, but now you just bought an electric toothbrush and may be curious how to use it. Visit to get a review about the best electrical toothbrush.

– Fill the battery
Without batteries, electric toothbrushes are no different than ordinary toothbrushes. Store the toothbrush in the battery charger, or replace the battery if it can not be charged. Keep the receptacle near the sink so that your toothbrush can be reached easily, but its position must be far enough so that it is not crushed and/or exposed to water and makes you electrocuted.

– Keep your toothbrush condition
In order to deliver effective results, the electric toothbrush should have a soft, nylon-bristle brush. Over time, these bristles will become more damaged within a few months and become less effective in cleaning teeth. So make sure you replace the toothbrush if you see it looks like it is damaged or worn out. Changing your toothbrush regularly is not only great for brushing your teeth, but also maintaining hygiene. Research shows that toothbrushes are a hotbed of thousands of microbes-most of which are harmless, but replacing toothbrushes regularly is an effective way to prevent health problems.

– Wet your toothbrush
Use a little toothpaste containing fluoride on your toothbrush. Wearing too much will create a lot of foam so you are compelled to throw up and finish the toothbrush faster.

– Divide your mouth into four quadrants: top right and left, and bottom right and left
Start brushing from the top quadrant, on the edge of the gum, with a 45-degree toothbrush position facing upwards to your gums. Dean a little toothbrush then moves in a circle to brush several teeth at once. Movement or vibration on the electric toothbrush will clean the teeth thoroughly.

– Brush it to completion
Brush each quadrant for at least 30 seconds. Brush the exterior and inside of the tooth, between the teeth, and the molars. Overall brushing process takes two or three minutes. Pressing too may damage your gums or tooth enamel. In addition, brushing your teeth immediately after eating or drinking something that is acidic like orange juice or soda can damage tooth enamel. You should wait 30 to 60 minutes before you start brushing your teeth.