Banana-Diet Tips

Have you heard about a diet pill called Leptigen? For those of you who have never heard of and wanted to try it, it helps you to visit our website first to find out a review of these diet pills. In this article, we will discuss how diet you can do without the need to consume a diet pill, namely the banana. Never tried to land a healthy diet breakfast with a banana? You can try it this time! Different ways we do to get a slim body and ideal, sometimes we do a strict diet with a variety of rules and slimming drug should be consumed. Is not it so painful?

Instead, you torment yourself, tortured body condition with a strict diet to starve for days, better try this one way. How do you do that with a healthy diet breakfast with a banana? Bananas are not only delicious fruit consumed, especially if it tastes sweet. However, bananas can also be utilised for the natural slimming drug. How can? Because bananas can be filling the stomach so that will decrease your appetite. Therefore, bananas are beneficial as natural fruits that can be slimming. Bananas also contain vitamin C and high fibre which can help the digestive process in the body.

– The consumption of bananas in the morning
The first tips are to eat fresh bananas which naturally without frozen in the morning as much as 1-3 bananas for filling the stomach at breakfast. Breakfast with a banana, you can also combine it with the other fruit species. However, if it turns out after 1-2 hours later you’re still hungry, you can eat cereal.

– Lunch and dinner with regular servings
If you’ve had breakfast with banana, you can eat at lunch and dinner for the regular portion. Remember, the consumption of nutritious foods that are equipped with the vegetables at lunch and dinner arrived. Avoid eating dessert after lunch or dinner.

– Drink plenty of water
To expedite your diet program then increase drinking water. In addition to healthy, white water also makes you full. Drink water in the form of mineral water, and do not drink the water when it’s hot or too cold.

– Sleep early and regular
If you want to have breakfast with banana diet program is more optimal, then try to sleep a night early and regularly. This method is also effective for weight loss naturally. In addition, set your dinner time 4 hours before bedtime.