Instant modern life in the capital has penetrated various sides of life. This then led to a variety of business opportunities. One of them, professional home cleaning services. In addition to offering services at affordable prices, a short process with maximum results makes this business growing. The advantage of using our home cleaning service is during the ongoing work, a supervisor will oversee the cleaning process of your house, apartment or building so that the cleaning result of your house, apartment, shop or office is in accordance with the quality and the best quality and your wishes. In addition, especially for homes, apartments, shophouses or offices that have just completed the construction or renovation phase in addition to the need for a thorough cleaning, we have a special treatment using ozone-tech machines that can reduce and eliminate indoor odors such as cigarette smell, stinging furniture, Damp, dust, paint to eliminate and kill bacteria and germs that cause various diseases and allergies. With the cleaning service from Green Cleaning home the place and your room cleaner without dirt visible but the invisible air becomes clean and healthy.

Green Cleaning provides cleaning service or general cleaning services for homes, apartments, and buildings. Also equipped with glass coating glass nanocoatings with special cleaning techniques for outside window glass, up to indoor air. With experienced engineers directly supervised, we also offer after cleaning is cleaning and Coating glass with nano coating technology, which can make your glass longer look clear and easy to clean later if rarely cleaned and does not require the machine and chemical liquids again. Unpleasant odor removers in the room such as the smell of cigarettes, damp, carpets, furniture and paint and bacteria, and germs that are not visible. By using an ozone engine that can remove O3 that automatically searches and binds particles of odor and germs and then destroys it to return to a healthy and refreshed O2 for breathing. Green Cleaning services use advanced technology that can clean mattresses and room carpets that have long been used from dung mites, mite colonies, dead skin, viruses, bacteria and various other allergens. Cleaning the mattress with water without wetting your mattress, our service can clean and suck all the dust, mites, viruses, bacteria, and dirt, which is in the mattress (the mattress and sofa are clean and fragrant).